Success in strategic planning requires a systematic but creative and flexible process that facilitates strategic thinking and generates a shared understanding the needs of the organization’s key stakeholders, the environment in which it operates, and how best to respond to the challenges and opportunities it will face. Shared ownership of the resulting plan requires a collaborative and credible process that not only generates appropriate input and involvement, but also raises and resolves the difficult issues. Therefore, our goals in undertaking a strategic planning process include:

  • helping those involved in the process leverage their collective wisdom and knowledge;
  • ensuring that your time together is used to maximum advantage; and
  • facilitating development of a plan that represents shared agreement about the ends the organization is trying to achieve and the primary means for accomplishing those ends.

tim lannan consulting tailors each strategic planning process to the specific needs, objectives, and constraints identified by each client. The resulting strategic framework reflects shared agreement about the future your organization seeks to create and provides a clear context for organizational decision-making and development of annual operating plans.

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