Ultimately, a nonprofit's effectiveness is measured by its ability to advance its mission and change the world the environment in which in it works. To effectively engage with that environment requires alignment among key organizational components. tim lannan consulting can help your organization determine how well your purpose, which includes mission, vision, values, and strategies, is aligned with other organizational components, including the people who do the work of the organization; the structure that divides up and coordinates the work; the tasks and tools that comprise the work to be done; the systems that facilitate the work; and the organizational culture that determines how people work together.

Understanding these components and the interrelationships among them provides a way to diagnose what's working and what's not working well. This, in turn, creates a powerful platform for making changes needed increase a nonprofit's effectiveness whether that change is a structural redesign, a culture transformation or other systems change that we can assist you with to ensure your organization's continued relevance and ability to advance its mission and effect change.