Tim Lannan is an organizational development consultant with more than 25 years' experience in all aspects of not-for-profit management and governance and considerable skill in the design and facilitation of group gatherings that promote thoughtful discussion of critical issues. Tim offers his experience and process expertise to help clients explore organizational priorities and determine how to position their organizations for success in the dynamic environments in which they operate. His approach is grounded in the recognition that each organization has its own unique needs, culture, and mission: Tim works closely with those who know the organization best to identify and build shared ownership of lasting solutions that advance the mission.

Prior to launching his consulting practice in 1995, Tim served for eight years as a senior executive at Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), one of the nation's largest and most respected not-for-profit agencies. There, Tim was integral to advancing the organization's agenda at every level including national advocacy, policy development, service to local Planned Parenthood affiliates, and efficient internal operations. For seven years he managed the policy development activities of PPFA's 35-member national board and its various committees, task forces and advisory groups, frequently serving as a member or the senior staff person supporting these groups. This included guiding board committees in redesigning the board's structure and governance systems to meet changing organizational leadership needs and leading PPFA's agency-wide planning process, which involved 180 affiliated agencies with annual expenditures of $275 million.

His well-rounded background, expertise, and experience give Tim a keen understanding of what it takes to translate strategic ideas into operational reality. A masters degree in Organization Development from AU/NTL (American University/NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science) provides Tim with a solid theoretical grounding for his work. His perspective has proved invaluable to his diverse clients, as he helps them to think creatively and realistically about the most effective ways to advance their organizations' mission.