To achieve excellence in governance and to enhance the skills and commitment of all board members, a nonprofit must conscientiously and deliberately invest in developing the board and its members as valuable organizational resources: good governance is not an accident.

tim lannan consulting can help improve your organization's governance systems and increase your board's value as a vital organizational resource. We can work with you to:

  • Evaluate board performance and the effectiveness of current governance systems.
  • Identify barriers to good governance and ways to overcome them.
  • Define the role of the board and responsibilities of individual board members
  • Expedite development and adoption of policies, procedures, and governing documents to implement new processes and systems.
  • Design and facilitate board retreats, meetings and other forums for organizational decision-making addressing complicated or contentious issues, and future planning.
  • Develop governance processes and systems tailored to your organization's specific and emerging needs. These might include :
    • leadership transitions
    • recruitment and retention of board members
    • board orientation and training
    • board assessment
    • forming and using committees and advisory groups
    • strategies for better board meetings
    • the CEO/board partnership
    • evaluating the CEO

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